Let’s face it; buying electricity in a competitive market has become risky and complicated with dozens of energy suppliers offering a confusing hodgepodge of products, prices, contract terms, and conditions. By employing a higher level of expertise in the power purchase process, through electric load aggregation, your business will enjoy ultracompetitive rates with lower transaction costs.

Safe Harbor is a “member” based electricity load aggregation program designed for individual businesses that want to band together in an alliance to secure more competitive electricity prices. Safe Harbor provides security, equal representation, and a powerful cost-reduction tool for customers of all types and sizes.

Why Safe Harbor?

The answer is simple, Price!  Safe Harbor vastly improves your purchasing power by allowing you to share the cost of supplier selection and energy contract management. It is a well-known fact that larger electricity loads have greater purchasing power and more leverage in negotiations with energy suppliers.

Why is Safe Harbor different from other Aggregations?

Typical aggregations combine the electricity load of customers and then send it out for bid to the candidate suppliers, commonly referred to as supply pooling. Unfortunately, this type of aggregation creates winners and losers whereby more efficient electricity customers subsidize less efficient consumers of electricity. Safe Harbor eliminates this cross subsidization by creating “load clusters” of customers with similar electricity demands. Individual contracts and pricing structures are pre-negotiated and approved between the supplier and each respective load aggregation member. In a load cluster aggregation, each member’s energy price corresponds specifically to their facility.

What is Power Brokers role?

Power Brokers is a licensed Aggregator, (80342). In Texas, all Aggregators must be licensed by the Texas Public Utilities Commission. An Aggregator is a company that acts as a buying agent for a group of customers who’ve banded together to leverage their collective load when purchasing electricity. The Aggregator’s role is to present the aggregate load to suppliers then advise and consult on product selection decisions and facilitate the entire procurement transaction. Power Brokers objective is to secure a much lower electricity rate as a group than would be available to each member as an individual customer.

How do I become a member?

Prior to joining Safe Harbor, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the program, consult with our aggregation specialists on the various pricing options, the contracting process, and market trends. You can enroll during one of the open enrollment periods – similar to a group insurance plan.

During the enrollment period, Power Brokers will collect a copy of a recent electricity invoice; review your electricity usage data, and relevant contract and price information. Collecting this data will provide a clear understanding of the collective load profile and your potential for saving money on your next energy agreement. Based upon the facts, you decide if you want to participate.

How does the process work?

Once you opt in, a load group is established, and then we set up a target electricity price. Using this target rate, Power Brokers will monitor the market to identify competitive pricing opportunities. Once an opportunity is identified, Power Brokers will supply you and “the members” with a proposed contract structure. Because market conditions can change rapidly, the load group proposed rate is not secure until all members fully execute their contracts. Failure to execute each contract can result in a missed opportunity – and the need to restart the purchasing process all over again. To minimize this risk, Power Brokers will serve as the “decision maker proxy” with the limited ability to execute an agreement for each member.

How much does it cost to participate?

Safe Harbor is structured so that Power Brokers is compensated for aggregation management services directly from the selected energy supplier. It is important to note, that as a member of Safe Harbor, you are sharing the costs of the procurement services so your transaction fees will be much lower than contracting independently.

What if I want to leave the Aggregation or move to another Group?

Members are free to come and go (opt-in or opt-out) within the aggregation group prior to the Price and Negotiation Stage. At this point, we need all members of the group to remain intact to uphold “load integrity.” Power Brokers will continually see to it that all the member’s needs are being met. Remember during this entire process, we work for you not the suppliers.

Again, it’s important to remember that Power Brokers recognizes that each member has their own particular energy needs. This program is designed to not hinder the member’s ability to get special energy structures or personalized services required to operate efficiently and save money on supply costs.

To summarize, Safe Harbor provides members with the following advantages:

  • More leverage to negotiate a lower electricity price
  • Energy supply savings are enhanced by volume buying
  • Shared cost of supplier selection and energy contract management fees
  • Unbiased advice and downstream consulting support

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