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Capacity and Its Impact on Your Energy Cost

Authored by: Jason Parker Just the other day, one of our national clients asked me, ‘Why have our rates in the Northeast and Midwest increased so much recently?’  I immediately pointed out that states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts (ISO-NE), Ohio, Illinois (ComEd) and Maryland are all part of the PJM RTO (Regional Transmission Organization), […]


What is Power Factor and Why Should You Care?

How efficiently are you consuming electricity? If you know your power factor, you would have a good idea of how efficiently you are receiving your power. Power factor is calculated as a ratio; an ideal power factor would sit at 1 or 100%. To determine power factor, the ratio between kW (actual load) and kVA […]


TEPA Blog: Understanding How Electricity Price Risk Works

David Booty contributed a blog post to TEPA explaining some of the risk in buying electricity in competitive markets. Check it out!


Lowest Price, Highest Priority? Not so Fast!

Everyone likes saving money. Capturing instant savings is a prompt reward for your efforts of locking in a lower electricity rate. However, is the contract you are signing going to eventually cost you thousands more than if you simply pay a little bit more per KWh? While finding an ideal price is important, you also […]


Case Studies

Health Care

This client is one of the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services, composed of locally managed facilities, including over 100 hospitals…

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Commercial Realty

This client is one of the top commercial real estate developers in the country and the top residential developer in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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