Without knowing anything about your business, many brokers and consultants will tell you they can save you money. The fact of the matter is, without knowing your energy needs or the terms of your current energy contract, no one can know if they can help you.

Therefore, to start our evaluation process, we request the following from you:

  • Copies of your recent energy bills – to get a feel for your usage patterns
  • Copies of any existing energy contracts you may have – to know your current obligations

With this information we can quickly assess your energy situation to determine if we can  help. Oftentimes we can, so the next step, if you are interested, is to sign a simple Letter of Authorization (LOA) which authorizes us to get your historical energy usage from your local utility.

From there we work with you to determine the solution that best suits your business and energy needs.

If you are ready to make your energy needs a strategic part of your business, select your region below