Q. Why do I need an energy consultant?

Because ensuring you are receiving the best possible value now, remain positioned to take advantage of purchasing opportunities in the future, and negotiating the most favorable contract terms attainable is a full-time job that requires considerable expertise. In other words: you make widgets, and you’re very good at it because you are a professional widget maker. In a pinch, we MIGHT be able to make widgets, but the results wouldn’t be nearly as good, and in the end, it would cost us money. Let us do what we do best while you do what you do best. This produces the best results for everyone.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just work directly with the supplier?

You can. However, the question is “should you?” Quick! Tell me what “LMP,” “RUC,” “UAE,” and “RTP floor” mean. Extra credit if you can tell me what a contango market is, or how nodal pricing can affect your bill? Know why a flat block of power is less expensive than a shaped one? Of course you don’t know these answers; why should you? And even if you did, do you really have the time to watch market indicators all day like we do? And another thing: the salesperson with the supplier works for the supplier; we work for you, and will do what is in your best interest.

Q. You are the tenth energy consultant to call me this month; why should I do business with Power Brokers?

I’m glad you asked. Here are just a few of the reasons we believe we can deliver the best results:

Integrity – We always hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and honor our commitments. We foster a culture of transparency and ownership in our collective conduct. All our values are “non-negotiable” and will not be compromised for personal or corporate gain. We consistently apply moral and principled behavior in all our transactions, which builds trust in the client-advisor relationship.

Experience – We’ve been in the business of providing energy consulting services since 2001. Our management team, consultants, and analysts are all seasoned professionals and possess extensive energy backgrounds, with some exceeding 20 years.

Results – We have negotiated over $800 million in electric and natural gas commodity contracts, saving our clients an average of 20% with our managed products. That’s a combined $160,000,000!

Technology – You might ask, “How do you know how much you’ve saved your clients? Can you prove it?” Yes we can, and quite easily. That’s because our data management platform tracks contract performance against the market. It also audits bills, interfaces with EnergyStar, can tell you your carbon footprint, builds budgets in minutes, and processes thousands of utility bills to interface with your accounts payable system without you having to lift a finger. That’s just scratching the surface of what our industry-leading technology can deliver.

Q. What’s the difference between an energy broker and a consultant?

A broker works to get you the best price available at a given time, and you are not likely to hear from them again until it’s time to renew your contract. A consultant works to establish a comprehensive energy management and risk mitigation strategy to not only obtain a great price and contract terms now, but keep you positioned to manage overall cost and risk avoidance for the long run. Consultants typically offer additional “value-add” services such as energy data management, demand response, and utility bill processing. Power Brokers, as your consultant, would actually be an extension of your own staff, working closely with you for the benefit of your business.