A “one size fits all” solution for buying electricity and natural gas is not an effective method for procuring energy. Some clients are just looking for a price, while others have unique needs that cross geographic boundaries, and still others want to understand how to integrate their energy needs into their business strategy. We are here to help.

At Power Brokers, we offer a full suite of procurement services to meet those needs – from energy brokering to procurement consulting and contract management. If you are just looking for a price, we can get that for you. We have relationships with over 25 retail electric suppliers and 15 natural gas suppliers throughout the United States that can offer us competitive pricing for your needs. Because we understand these suppliers and the markets they serve, we can ensure you are matched with the supplier that best suits your needs.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to your electricity and natural gas buying needs, we can do that too. Our energy consultants have over 80 years of combined experience developing and delivering proven energy procurement strategies that show results on your bottom line.